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About Reiki
The word Reiki has been derived from Japanese languages. It has two kanji “Rei” and “Ki”. Rei means universal and Ki means energy. Thus Reiki means “universal Energy”

What is Reiki ?
Reiki is a science by which we receive universal energy, transform into desirable form and transform to needy subject.

Benefit of Reiki.

  • Disease healing

  • Relation healing

  • Addiction healing

  • Goal Achieving

  • Concentration

  • Reduce stress

  • Promotes relaxation

  • Improves concentration

  • Clears energy blockage

  • Reduces metabolic syndrome

  • Heal inflammation and infection

  • Heal insomnia

  • Improves clarity of thinking

  • Improves clarity of emotions

About Reiki Reiki Power
Reiki Power : Reiki Training, Treatment & Research Centre is registered institution as per law of Delhi Govt. Reiki Power is in the divine service of providing Reiki, Training and Reiki Treatment. The motto of this institution is to provide the maximum happiness to the maximum people for the maximum time.

Reiki Power : Reiki Training, Treatment & Research Centre. In this logo two hands is giving Reiki to the universe. It represent the idea of

  • Let all beings be happy

  • Let all beings be peaceful

  • Let all beings be blissful

Reiki is very helpful for all. This is the reason why Reiki Power provides Reiki Training. Reiki courses has five levels.

  • Reiki First Degree

  • Reiki Second Degree

  • Reiki Master Healer ( Reiki 3 A )

  • Reiki Master Teacher ( Reiki 3 B)

  • Reiki Grand Master

It has been rightly said that “ Health is Wealth”. We all try our level best to maintain good health in spite of this a number of diseases keeps on growing dad by day. Reiki is one of the best healing system. Reiki Power provides healing for the all major problems.

  • Reiki healing for physical illness

  • Reiki healing for Mental illness

  • Addiction healing

  • Relation healing

  • Seven chakras healing

If you have any interest in learning Reiki or looking for Reiki healing. You are welcome. Feel free to contact to Reiki Power.

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